Pacoche Lodge

Pacoche Lodge & Reserve is located in one of the last remaining semi-dry tropical forests, at the Ecuadorian coast, in the province of Manabí. The Reserve covers a 10ha area, and it is inside the Marine, Coastal and Wildlife Refuge, with an area of 13,445ha.

Located at only twenty minutes from Manta, the forest is a green patch in the middle of a semi-desertic area of the coast of Manabí. Its fascinating microclimate serves as habitat for countless species that are characteristics of the area. Pacoche is well-known for the howler monkeys, and over 250 species of birds, from which, 55 are endemic. Its typical and rich flora leads to its name (you will learn about this in your visit). You can find trees like Bamboos, Shawl and Cady. The famous straw hats and the tagua handicrafts (known as vegetable ivory) originate from the Shawl and Cady trees respectively.

Pacoche Lodge & Reserve welcomes all of you, and especially those who want to escape from the stressful daily life, enjoy the beautiful Manabí coast side and live nature in its purest splendor.


What to enjoy in Pacoche