Cultural Activities

Ecuador is known for its vast ecological, cultural and ethnic diversity. Every region has its own characteristics. Its geographical features have provided a special distinction, not only for the climate, flora and fauna, but also for the customs and cultural traditions.

The coastal region includes a large extension of sand beaches, in addition to the rural area which is primarily devoted to agricultural production. Pacoche Lodge & Reserve belongs to this region and to the Wildlife Refuge Drizzle Forest of Pacoche characterized for its specific microclimate, flora and wildlife.

During your visit to the reserve, we can organize for you various activities that will allow you to enjoy Manabi's cultural, ecological and culinary experience.

The following activities are offered within the reserve. Please consider that these demonstrations and exhibits require previous reservation:

  • Traditional preparation of a typical dish of the area wrapped in plantain leaf, called “tonga”.
  • Demonstration of the making “tagua” handicrafts. The Tagua nut is the seed of the ivory palm, which resembles and is used as a substitute for elephant ivory.
  • Exhibition of the manufacture of the “toquilla straw hat” (commonly known as Panama hat). The art of weaving this Ecuadorian hat is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.
  • Demonstration of the traditional process of sugar cane extraction in the "Trapiche" (mill).
  • Elaboration of “chocolate” starting from the cacao tree.
  • Exhibition of the preparation of “bolon de verde”, which is a typical dish from the Ecuadorian coast, based on a specific variety of plantain fruit.
  • Cooking classes of “bolon de verde” and/or “ceviche.”

If you are interested in one or more of these activities, please contact us here for arrangements (to arrange your visit according to your needs).