There is a family of over 40 howler monkeys at Pacoche Lodge & Reserve. There are more than ten groups of howler monkeys in the entire wildlife refugee. At least one of these groups lives in our private reserve. For us, this is one of the main reasons for the conservation of the area, since these monkey families depend on it for their survival.

This species is characterized by its loud howls, considered to be the loudest sounds emitted by a primate. This happens because they have a larger throat (hyoid bone) which serves as a deep resonance box. The sound emitted by the males can be heard further than one kilometer away and it mainly communicates territorial claims.

Howler monkeys are generally found with their family, moving from tree to tree as they look for their food, their favorite being fig leaf. They also like to go around gliding on reeds and bamboos, because they feed from their leaves, flowers and fruits.

You can generally see families of howler monkeys as you go on hikes and sometimes even while at the restaurant.


Pacoche Lodge & Reserve is committed to conserve the forest and all the species within it. One of its objectives is to convert the place into an auto sustainable lodge in our effort to protect the rainforest, and serve as an example to the other reserves. Our commitment is to work with the community and sensitize in the importance of the forest conservation. Your donation will contribute for the fulfillment of these objectives. Thank you for been part of our dream.