Our reserve is part of a conservation area called “Tumbesina”, recognized for its large number of endemic species, many of which are threatened. It also has a high rate of deforestation and fragmentation of its natural habitats. From the 218 identified regions of endemism in the world, the Tumbesina is among the top four most important. This is one of the main reasons for which this forest needs to be conserved.

Pacoche Lodge & Reserve is a strategic site for the observation of biodiversity, where you can combine the comfort of our facilities with a unique forest full of species and special characteristics.

Of the 152 recorded bird species, 22% are endemic to the forests of the Tumbesian region and 14% are at some level of risk of extinction in the IUCN.

At Pacoche, you will be delighted, not only with the singing of the birds, but also with the singing of the howler monkeys, permanent residents of the reservation. In addition, Pacoche has other 42 species of mammals such as: “cabeza de mate” ( tayra), “cucumbo” (kinkajou), guantas , agoutis, jaguarundi , ocelots, squirrels, among others.

It is also important to notice the rich flora that forms the forest, such as: the tagua palm (cady), the colorful bamboo cane, cane fields , coffee plantations, fruit trees, the straw shawl (which origins the misnamed “Panama Hats”), and other native plants. Pacoche has 374 species of vascular plants, of which 28% are trees and 89 % of all vascular species are native and 5% are endemic national or provincial.


Pacoche Lodge & Reserve is committed to conserve the forest and all the species within it. One of its objectives is to convert the place into an auto sustainable lodge in our effort to protect the rainforest, and serve as an example to the other reserves. Our commitment is to work with the community and sensitize in the importance of the forest conservation. Your donation will contribute for the fulfillment of these objectives. Thank you for been part of our dream.

Flora and fauna