Volunteer Program

Program Summary

Pacoche Lodge & Reserve establishes one of its main objectives: to design and implement conservation and sustainable projects such as ecosystem restoration, biological research, environmental education, community outreach and sustainability projects. These projects are carried out through a Volunteer Program, so it can bring more opportunities to anyone that has experience and motivation in all of these fields of action.

  • Minimum time commitment: one month
  • Spanish language recommendation: basic level

Life in the Program

Pacoche Lodge & Reserve Volunteers are placed in a spacious shared room with private restroom. They can use the main kitchen and laundry room according to an exact schedule created by staff. The Lodge has electricity and hot water, but no Internet access.

Volunteers must coordinate tasks and responsibilities with the Lodge Administrator. The workday for a Volunteer starts at 8 am and ends at 3 pm, except in certain activities that are undertaken outside the lodge, for example at the local communities. Weekends are their free time to relax at the Reserve, get to know some of the great beaches in the area or even travel to Manta for personal matters.

Fields of Action

All Volunteer activities are part of a general Project Plan and at the same time this activities may change depending mostly on adequate funding availability. Nonetheless, considering specific skills and interests, Volunteers can work in the following areas:

  • Ecological Restoration and Reforestation.
  • Forest Nursery.
  • Biological Research.
  • Permaculture.
  • Environmental Education.
  • Community Outreach.
  • Best Practices in Sustainable Tourism.
  • Carbon Footprint Research.

Program Costs

The program has a cost of USD 400 per month. This amount includes lodging in a shared room and 3 meals per day. This does not include personal expenses. Volunteers at Pacoche Lodge & Reserve have 24-hour support by staff in case of any emergencies or difficulties. Also, Volunteers will learn from the knowledge and expertise of staff depending on the field of work.

Travel, Visa and personal insurance are not included in the cost. Personal and recreational expenses during spare time are also not included.